Viking’s Chrome vinyl line is designed look like a panel or vehicle has undergone the expensive and durable process of plating steel with copper, nickel, and chromium. The final appearance of the chrome will produce a lustrous a highly polished look that transforms your mundane paint appearance into a super alloy form. Our chrome vinyl is engineered for surface properties that create a mirror finish that disperses light and reflects an explosion of color. This vinyl will drastically transform the visual surface of almost any full/partial wrap application.
As mistakes are more common when applying chrome vinyl, so it is recommended to order more material than what your projected is estimated at. READ MORE

• Chrome vinyl material is categorized for a higher skill application. It is a material that is thick and stiffer than other vinyls. Therefore, it has lower conformability and is less receptive on steep curves and concaves.
• Not recommended for application over rivets.
• Adhesive promoters and Rapid Tac II are recommended for any of the chrome vinyl lines.
• Anything other than mild to moderate heat may discolor and haze the highly desired reflective surface.

Viking’s high performance films offer exclusive style and color choices that are produced using an ultra-flexible PVC Cellukör Polycast film. The production process is a fusion of cast and calendar techniques to engineer the best characteristics of each. The resulting Cellukör film is an advanced polymer that combines the resilience and durability of calendar with conformability and longevity of cast film.
The low profile enhanced film ensures seamless conformability on complex curves and superior adhesion to deep recesses and extreme channels. Our new generation of film provides an economical alternative to paint while obtaining excellent durability and outdoor performance and obtaining the ultimate resembled finish, clarity and appearance of a painted car.
Viking’s Cellukör film has a low profile to ensure seamless conformability on complex curves and superior adhesion to deep recesses and extreme channels. This new generation of film provides an economical alternative to paint, with excellent durability and the ultimate resembled appearance of a painted car.
The pressure activated Nanotåkt adhesion technology allows for sliding and reposition the film over the surface of vehicle until firm pressure is applied. The film has an initial light adhesion that enables contact while allowing corrections to be made with ease. The Km2 release liner features structured adhesion and release technology that allows faster application and easier air egress, giving installers a bubble-free and crease-free application while saving valuable time.
The Viking premier film provides a long term color/style change to vehicles, fleets and creative enhancements to motorsport appearances. The film can be used on non-porous applications for vehicles, buses, trains, boats, ATV/UTV/motorcycles/snowmobiles, trailers, emergency vehicles, residential/commercial interiors, construction equipment, metal, glass, bicycles, etc. Your restyling design options are endless and couldn’t be easier.

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