Viking Matte & Satin Detailer


Product Description

Viking’s Matte & Satin Detailer is the fastest way to clean, protect and restore matte vinyl wraps and paint finishes.   The Matte & Satin Spray Detailer is safe, reliable, and effective for cleaning dust, finger prints, light dirt, water spots, bugs, and bird droppings.

  • #1 Rated for best scent
  • UV protection protects against fading
  • Cleans, protects, seals
  • Adds No gloss
  • Water based with biodegradable detergents
  • Contains NO petroleum distillates, wax or silicone
  • Works best with Viking Microfiber towels

Easy to Use:

STEP 1. Lightly spray a light coat to dampen a microfiber towel.

STEP 2. Starting with the upper surface areas, spray onto the surface area and wipe clean with the microfiber towel.  Mist onto one section at a time.

STEP 3. Turn or fold to a clean, damp portion of the microfiber towel and repeat the step process.


Quantity: 16 Ounces


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